Services We Offer

Trees are important for everyone. Sometimes, however, they can become a problem.
This is when a skilled tree surgeon is required to help you consider all the options to either carry out the work with as little damage tothe tree as possible or safely remove it. Please view all our services below.


Crown Reduction.


Crown reduction is an operation where the overall canopy of the tree is made smaller by removing the ends of all of the branches to create a perfect shape.

Tree Shaping.


Tree shaping can be performed if a part or whole of a tree is out of its original shape or unbalanced.



This is when all the branches are removed leaving the main scaffold of the tree. Note: This operation is only recommended from some tree species.

Tree Felling.


Tree felling is when there is enough space to cut the tree from the ground using various techniques to control its direction.

Tree Dismantling.


Where tree felling is not an option due to confined space, the tree is dismantled in sections.

Dead Wood Removal.


Removal of large and dangerous pieces of wood.


Stump Grinding.

Stump grinding is an operation where a machine with a rotating disk chips away at the tree stump to remove the stump and root bowl.

Thank you for your work, you have done a good job!

Angeline, Bracknell


Hedge Maintenance

We also offer a range of services for your hedge maintenance:

  • Reshaping
  • Height Reduction
  • Removal
  • Trimming
  • Planting


Other Services

We also offer a range of services for your garden maintenance:

  • Garden Clearances
  • Garden Tidy
  • Site Leaf Clearance
  • Seasoned Logs
  • Craning work