Thuja plicata ‘Atrovirens’

  • Other common names western red cedar ‘Atrovirens’
  • Family Cupressaceae
  • Genus Thuja are fast-growing evergreen trees of narrowly conical habit, with flat sprays of tiny, aromatic, scale-like leaves and small knobbly cones
  • Details ‘Atrovirens’ is a fast-growing, conical, evergreen conifer making a medium-sized tree with red-brown bark and aromatic, rich green foliage in spreading or drooping sprays


How to grow

Cultivation Grow in moist but well-drained soil. Protect from drying winds especially when young. Suitable for hedging or screening

Propagation Propagate by semi-hardwood cuttings

Suggested planting locations and garden types Flower borders and beds Hedging & Screens Cottage & Informal Garden

How to care

Pruning No pruning required

Pests May be attacked by scale insects and conifer aphids

Diseases May be subject to coryneum canker