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Eucalyptus Tree Removal in Bracknell

Eucalyptus trees are native to Australia.

They have a shallow root system which is developed as a way to survive in their harsh native environment, where accessing a limited amount of rainfall is crucial for survival. This makes eucalyptus a danger when left to grow too large around populated areas.


The pictures of the tree were from a job in Bracknell where a tree had grown too large in such a small space with close surrounding houses. Although Big Heart Tree Care always suggests options to prevent complete removal of the tree, in this case there was possibility of danger.


The process included roping down branches and logs with specialist equipment as the tree was above many cherished plants, a fence and a shed all of which remained in their original state after the job was completed.


We would like to thank our customer Angeline for providing us with those stunning photos, and great feedback:

Our Work...

July 2013

"Thank you for your work Jon, you have done a good job!"

- Angeline

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